From Trend Follower to Trendsetter: My Personal Style Journey |
StyleFrom Trend Follower to Trendsetter: My Personal Style Journey

From Trend Follower to Trendsetter: My Personal Style Journey


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As a fashion-forward individual, I believe that style evolves with time, transforming us over the years. This holds especially true for me – I’ve gone from a trend follower to a trendsetter, gradually creating a personal style that is unique to me. In this article, I present a chronological overview of my personal style journey, from its beginnings to where I stand today. Read on to get an intimate view of how I transformed my wardrobe and evolved my style!

1. Curating My Own Style: A Reflection

Over the years, I have become increasingly passionate about my self-expression through clothing. As a lover of fashion, I seek to bring out my creativity and reflect my personality in every piece I put on. I think of each outfit I wear as an art form — something unique that exemplifies who I am and the message I want to share.

To be specific, my style is heavily influenced by the vintage aesthetic. I love to explore thrift stores across town, searching for nostalgic garments that bring back the look and vibe of some long-ago era. I often juxtapose these pieces with modern clothing to fashion an entirely new look.

Here’s a few strategies I use in curating my own style:

  • I take the time to open my mind to all kinds of clothing and the possibilities they bring.
  • At the same time, I keep in mind what looks and feels best on my body.
  • Rather than buying designer items just because of their luxury labels, I choose pieces that speak to me.

I also believe that fashion should be an expressive platform for social issues. By integrating messages of environmentalism, feminism, and other progressive ideals into my wardrobe, I show that I care and can be a part of the global conversation.

Cultivating a look that speaks to who I am hasn’t been easy, but it’s been well worth the effort. I feel beautiful and confident in wearing clothing that reflects my unique spirit. In the end, I strive to make fashion my own.

2. From Sheep to Shepherd: My Transformation

The Early Days: I had always wanted to work with animals, and growing up on a sheep farm just outside town meant that the opportunity was right there for the taking. I loved taking care of the animals and learning how to tend the flock. I remember the joy I felt whenever my father allowed me to round them up and bring them out to pasture. It was such a freeing feeling being surrounded by their gentle presence.

The Road Ahead: Though I knew I wanted a career in the animal sciences, I never expected to be shepherding them. And yet, as I grew older, that began to feel more and more like my calling. I started to take on more responsibilities and soon I was helping to train future generations of shepherds. This new role felt so right to me that I knew this was the path I was meant to take.

The New Life: It has been a few years since I began my new journey, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. Every day I get to work with animals, and I love it. It’s an ever-changing job and I’m constantly learning new things about animal behavior and care. I am surrounded by such beauty, and I feel so connected to my work.

The Advantages:My new role has opened up so many possibilities. The ability to see the flock in a new way and to effectively manage them as a whole is something that I love. I can now act as a guide for my four-legged friends, and their trust in me is truly rewarding. I enjoy the challenge of training them and watching them grow.

Final Thoughts:Changing from a sheep farmer to a shepherd was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I learned to love the animals in a new way, and I feel so connected to them. I am now a more confident leader, and I am happy to be able to help guide the flock to a better place. Every day I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and I am excited to see where else this path will take me.

3. Fearlessly Experimenting: How I Embraced Change

As a dilettante of the unknown, change and daily experimentation became a way of life. Nothing was left to chance and opportunities to learn, grow and explore were readily embraced.

Adventurous yet methodical, I kept a receptive mindset which allowed me to expand my realm of exploration. I fearlessly embraced the challenges associated with change, determined to either weather the storms, or to innovate to find a new way.

Fearless Exploration : One of my favourite activities was to explore the edge of an unknown realm. I strived to constantly expand my knowledge and learn more of the world around me. Something new each day was the goal. Whether it was a language, history, culture or practical skill. I did not shy away from the challenge.

Adventurous Mindset : From the depths of my imagination new ideas were born and tested in the field. I was always eager to embrace the unknown on the journey, as unexpected opportunities weren’t seen as a hindrance but instead another chance to learn. Others may label a wandering mind as unfocused or easily scattered. I called it potential to move in multiple directions at once.

By taking measured chances in life, I learned the power of experimentation and paving a unique path. Synchronizing logic and intuition, staying focused to follow through with action and proactively implementing ideas that created a lasting impact, I was able to reach new heights.

  • Seek out new challenges.
  • Stay motivated and determined to grow.
  • Do not shy away from the unknown.
  • Be creative and experiment with ideas.
  • Always focus and stay on track.
  • Make and keep lasting impacts.

4. Taking the Lead: Tips for Crafting Your Own Look

1. Make a Statement

It’s time to take action, and nothing says “you made it” like a statement look. Take a classic white button-up shirt and wear it the unexpected way – tucked in the front, loose in the back. Or layer textures with a unique combination of bold prints and colors. Brighten up an evening look with unexpected pastels, or update an everyday must-have with something a bit sleeker. Remember to put personality into it, and you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

2. Think Outside the Box

Haute couture looks can be a part of everyday style. Dare yourself to look beyond the expected basics. Try a jumpsuit instead of a dress for an instant change of style. Borrow from the menswear aisle and incorporate them into your own look. Pick delicate jewelry pieces to highlight your features instead of large, statement-making pieces. Experiment with those ideas and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Get Crafty

Fashion trends can be fun, but there’s something to be said for being unique. Printmaker-style designs, textiles, and sketches can be utilized to hand-craft the look you want. It’s a great way to make use of materials sourced from thrifting or upcycling; this move also allows you to assemble your own designs. With a bit of creativity and a few basic supplies, you can easily craft your own signature look.

4. Have Confidence

The most important part of crafting a unique personal style is to tap into who you are. Find inspiration from those before you, but don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Have the confidence to try something unexpected, and don’t be afraid of weaving a mix of elements together. That’s what they call your style DNA, and it lives in every outfit.

My personal style journey has taken me from trend follower to trendsetter, and has been layered with lessons in self-expression and exploration. Through trial and error, determination and originality, I’ve been able to define my personal style and make it my own. Celebrate your own fashion journey; wear the trends that make you feel the most like you and never be afraid to stand out.


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