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Exploring the Elements: How I Defined My Signature Personal Style


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From the depths of my closet to the wild reaches of my imagination, I set out to explore the many elements that define me, within my own signature personal style. My journey journeyed down an exciting, unknown path with surprises around every corner; but ultimately it all led to discovering the elements that shape my individual style. Join me as I chronicle my adventure and find my signature personal style.

1. Understanding the Building Blocks of Style

Style expresses creativity and personality. It is key to making your writing unique, and gives life and voice to any text. To explore the building blocks of style, consider its different pillar elements.

  • Sentence Variety
  • Diction & Word Choice
  • Rhetorical Figures & Devices

Sentence variety refers to the length and complexity of the sentences you use. Vary the length of your sentences to create natural-sounding prose, and add complexity through clauses and conjunctions.

Diction and word choice is the usage of precise, pointed language. Instead of ‘nice’, you could use ‘splendid’ or ‘winsome’. Invest time into looking for the perfect word: it can give a boost of panache to your overall writing style.

Rhetorical figures and devices refer to using different techniques to give a text resonance. These include alliteration, metaphor, and imagery. Combining figure of speech with fresh language adds depth and authenticity to your writing.

Understanding these building blocks is paramount to a style that will stand out from the noise. The three elements together create an intricate mosaic of writing with exquisite detail; one that can inspire your readers.

2. Embracing the Process of Discovery

The process of discovery is often something that we understand intellectually, but rarely do we practice and embrace it in our daily lives. As we traverse the many facets of life, each filled with its own surprises and peculiarities, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Here are some of the ways to embrace the process of discovery.

Note the Synchronicities. We may not always recognize coincidences as they’re happening, but once we become aware of the patterns in our lives, we can acknowledge them for what they are. Synchronicity can ignite a feeling of wonder and amazement if we take note of it when it occurs.

Leave Room for Mystery. The world is filled with so much mystery and the more we encounter it, the more we understand that it’s impossible to comprehend it all. Allowing space for the unknown can be liberating and expanding. We need not overthink or try to figure it all out, but rather simply experience what comes our way and continue our journey.

Ask Thoughtful Questions. Asking questions – and then being open to the answers we may receive – is an essential part of the process of discovery. By honing in on thoughtful questions and being open to all potential answers, it can bring us one step closer to a deeper understanding of all that we encounter.

Stay Curious. An attitude of curiosity gives us a framework of exploration to try new things and learn more about our world. Asking “what if” and welcoming opportunities to explore different ways of seeing, allow us to learn from our experiences and expand ourselves.

Try Out New Passions. Following our passions can open up new windows of potential for learning and discovery. Whether it’s taking a class, trying a hobby, or immersing ourselves in a new subject or activity, challenging ourselves to venture beyond the boundaries of our current comfort zone can bring us one step closer to discovering more of our true selves.

3. Crafting My Own Personal Style

There is something really special about finding your personal style and making it your own. This step is all about crafting your unique look that fits both your personality and your lifestyle.

  • First, think of the colors and fabrics that you are most comfortable with. Do you prefer light, pastel colors, or do you like more intense, vibrant shades? Look for fabrics that work with those color preferences and decide which ones you like best.
  • Next, look into what kinds of styles you prefer. Do you enjoy a tailored look or something a little more casual? Are you a fan of oversized garments? Think about the pieces that make up your wardrobe and figure out which ones work for your body
  • Finally, it’s time to accessorize. What kinds of jewelry and accessories work with your outfits? What kind of shape, size, and color would work best for you? There are a ton of options to choose from, just make sure you pick pieces that make you feel fabulous and confident!

Once you have decided on the pieces of your own personal style, it’s time to mix and match them. Try out different combinations and find ones that make you feel great. Put on the outfit and check your reflection. Do you feel confident and radiant? If so, then you have created the perfect outfit for you. Now that you are comfortable in your own skin and in your own style, it’s time to show it off to the world and make a statement!

Tone is key when selecting the pieces of your own personal style. The way you feel in the pieces you choose will project out to the world, so make sure to stay true to yourself and your values. This is why it’s important to pick pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident.

4. A Signature Look That Speaks to Me

In my opinion, having a signature look is a fabulous way to express yourself. The way that you dress and present yourself says a lot about who you are and where you come from. Here are some ways to find your signature look to let the world know who you are:

  • Find inspiration. Before you start to assemble your perfect look, familiarize yourself with what’s trending in fashion. Explore fashion related blogs and magazines and make notes of any looks that you like to get ideas for your signature look.
  • Be comfortable. Above all, make sure that you’re comfortable with your look. Sure, something may look fantastic on the mannequin, but it may not feel the same way on you. Comfort is key to make sure that you are confident and happy in your clothing.
  • Go bold with color. If your signature look needs just a little tweaking, try adding a splash of color. Just a simple addition to an outfit such as a bright scarf or statement making jewelry can make a world of difference to make your look come together.
  • Experiment. Try out different silhouettes, patterns, and combinations of color to mix up your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with materials and unexpected clothing pieces. The idea is to create a look that reflects what you love and that you feel comfortable in.

The process of finding a signature look that speaks to you may take time, but it will be worth it once you feel happy and confident in the look that you’ve created. Take the time to research different fashion trends, try out different looks, and find what best expresses who you are. And, when you find something that works, let it become your signature look!

The journey of exploring the elements of personal style has been rewarding. I have deepened my understanding of my own signature style, and I feel more confident and capable for having taken this venture. I hope that my story has encouraged you to contemplate and manifest your own personal style—one that is unique to you and best exemplifies your essence.


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